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«Ростех» назначен единственным исполнителем работ по эксплуатации ИАС мониторинга в сфере закупок...
Правительство изменило схему пилотного проекта по маркировке лекарств Премьер-министр РФ Дмитрий Медведев 30...
Количество трансплантаций органов выросло на 15% в 2016 году Впервые за много лет...


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   Our Mission

Trade house «BF» - pharmaceutical distributor, whose purpose is the provision of medical institutions with high quality products of the pharmaceutical industry. Through high-tech achievements in the pharmaceutics we provide our clients with the best products, which are relevant to the here and now.


001ballOur clients are state medical institutions, commercial medical and health organizations, wholesalers.

For each client in the TD-BF» provided with a personal Manager. The function of our employees responsible for sales and customer service, distributed so that we can provide you with the optimum conditions for cooperation, depending on the structure and territorial location.

Our facilities and services:

- a wide assortment of medicines and products of medical purpose;
- flexible conditions and ways of placing an order for products;
- services of a personal Manager.

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