We promote health and improve the quality of people's lives by providing healthcare Organizations with high-quality and innovative products.

We strive to be reliable and valuable to our customers and partners, respecting business ethics and obligations to all business participants.

In our reliable hands — priceless health!


Clients of the company are our main value!

Trust of our clients and long-term cooperation is based on high responsibility of each employee of the company and attentiveness to any request, even from very far point of the country.

Our client is always confident that he will get the right quality product at the lowest possible price in the required time.


We gather like-minded people and professionals in the company, we value our reputation. It's a guarantee that every request of our clients will be resolved as professionally.


We consider it strategically important to cooperate with reliable companies that produce and sell high-tech and high-quality products that meet the trends of world and Russian health care, significantly improving the effectiveness of treatment.


We are constantly improving, following new directions in the pharmaceutical industry, looking for new products and services, taking into account the opinions and wishes of our customers.