About company

LLC Trading house BF-the distribution company working in the budgetary and commercial segments of the pharmaceutical market.

The company began supplying medicines in 2013 and is rapidly developing in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Today the company is one of the largest suppliers, firmly occupying its place in the supply of medical institutions throughout Russia.

The main direction of our activity – is to provide customers with modern medicines and related medical products. The company's portfolio includes more than 5,000 medicines and includes original, innovative products manufactured by Russian and foreign manufacturers and numerous generics of different price categories. ""Trading house BF" offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products at attractive prices.We try to make our offer competitive on all main indicators – quality of production, level of service and comfort of Commission of deliveries.

A full cycle of logistics in compliance with the conditions of storage and transportation of drugs in accordance with the requirements of GDP allows you to quickly and correctly deliver to all corners of the country.

A professional team of regional employees in all Federal districts of the Russian Federation is able to quickly offer solutions to the needs of our customers, supplying products for the treatment of any patient.

Our capabilities and services: