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Количество трансплантаций органов выросло на 15% в 2016 году Впервые за много лет...

                                                                                              Policy of JSC Trading house "BF"


The code of corporate ethics of JSC BF Trading house – compliance of activities of staff of the company to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and to applicable rules of the international legislation, and also internal regulating and administrative documents, decisions of governing bodies of the organization.
Observance of the code is meant as following to the precepts of law which violation can lead to criminal or administrative sanctions, and also strict observance of internal regulations and the provisions concerning these regulations.
The code is an integral part of business and a task of paramount importance. In more detail you can study the code in the document the approved director general of JSC BF Trading house, having downloaded it at the link is lower.

Our the code of corporate ethics (to download)

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